Union of Data Scientists

Data Scientists Pty Ltd announces its merger with Data Logical Services Pty Ltd and the formation of a new craft union – The Union of Data Scientists (UDS).

This launch initiative forms an association of highly-skilled technological workers that has come together to achieve many common goals.

UDS’ purpose aims to support data scientists in:

  1. Protecting the integrity of the trade;
  2. Improving working standards and conditions, including compensation, benefits and investments; and
  3. Providing higher levels of bargaining power.

In context with the hottest jobs of the modern digital era, the data scientist draws upon skills and attitudes of software developers, statisticians, and data managers.

The role of the data scientist applies the practices of scientific hypothesis, technological innovation and far-reaching concepts meant to guide the future of the planet.

UDS allows high-performing data scientists to share experience and knowledge that continues the positive evolution of the role.

UDS’ members:

  • Participate in exclusive, high-level discussion boards posting problems and solutions to fellow data scientist members;
  • Gain their own email address @datascientists.com to use for professional and public communication;
  • Share career development goals and objectives;
  • Access job board listings of the best data scientist offerings on the planet;
  • Utilise performance and ranking analysis tools that assess vital achievements;
  • Showcase expertise and project development in online events;
  • Strengthen self-awareness practices that identify skill sets;
  • Invest expertise in leading edge projects and innovations;
  • Reap rewards commensurate with one’s contribution to success.

Data Scientists’ LinkedIn group is about to hit 100,000 members.  On reaching the limits of what can be gained from being a part of a social media group, UDS is structuring a more active environment of interaction and knowledge sharing.  

UDS accentuates professional interests in the four pillars of data science:

  • Human/computer interaction;
  • Scientific research methodology;
  • Mathematical modelling; and
  • Application of best business practices.

The first 100 applicants approved receive special consideration of their organisational and leadership abilities within the group.

Qualified and well-suited applicants may earn discounted membership fees and obtain an influential position in the early order of things.

The Union stands for professionalism and discipline. Both skilled and unskilled data scientists are welcome to apply.