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With more than 146,000 members in our global data scientists community, we are the leading data science services provider on the planet. Since 2009 our members have been delivering data-driven solutions within the industries of Healthcare, Finance, Tourism, Manufacturing, Entertainment and Agriculture to name a few. Check out our Showcases Page for details of our current and past endorsed projects.

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Forbes – Data Science In The Pursuit Of Measuring Happiness

Is it possible to measure happiness? Can we compare countries on the basis of a universal yardstick for collective happiness similar to Gross National Product (GNP), the accepted measure for a country’s material well-being?  How could data science contribute to practical applications of happiness analysis?…

How to Position Yourself as a Data Scientist

Troy Sadkowsky’s first vLog…

Data Scientists: The New Rock Stars of the Tech World

The data scientist role is fast becoming the most sought after career of the technology world…

”The Data Scientist role is more than a new term for experts that combine the fields of technology, business, mathematics and research, it is an opportunity to think and act differently about the way we create solutions for the world.”

This data scientists community aims to evolve data management practices for the new and continuing digital data era. We solve problems and create products on a global scale that are values-oriented, serving both the scientific research and business development.

We are a community that organizes, packages and delivers solutions with the true intention of the soul. Join now and gain support and “Be the best data scientist you can be!

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